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Instructions and Help about va medical tax form

Hi Keith Campbell here with Keith and Sheila calm and military city Realtors dot-com and we just want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you had a blessed and awesome Christmas with your family and friends and I'm coming to you today to talk to you about property taxes assessed value on your property taxes there's a couple of ways to get them reduced and there's also some protections you can put in place with a homestead exemption that not only reduces the value of your taxable value to the county and saves you money in property taxes but also gives you some protections against creditors lawsuits and other things that could affect your property so if you've never filed one I ran into somebody a few months ago that owned a house for 8 years and never filed a homestead exemption shame on their realtor for not making sure they knew about that opportunity you can still file it but there's a small window to file property tax exemptions VA disability service connected exemptions and over 65 exemptions it's between January 2nd and the end of April of 2021 between January 2nd and the end of April of every year actually so if you bought a house last year and you didn't file at the beginning of the year when you still had the opportunity you want to file it now and get that into place it saves you money and it gives you all kinds of protections so for the actual homestead it's a state form that the counties used called a 50-1 1-4 homestead exemption application if you're a veteran with a service-connected disability rating then you use the form 50 - 135 and then if you're over 65 there's some productions and freezes depending on the county that you can use as well so if you have any questions about how to fill those forms out please contact myself or Sheila we will happily walk you through it or even come over to your house and help your house and help you fill it out I am sending out an email this videos on the email this video is also going to people outside the email and on the email at the bottom of the email it has links to all the surrounding counties directly to the forms there's also information in the email about how it all works and and how you fill it out now that being said if you bought a house this year you're gonna get letters from companies that the letterhead and the envelope look very official like their state official documents they are not they want to charge you anywhere from 25 to 150 dollars to file your homestead exemption tear it up and throw it in the trash it's a ripoff do not fall for that trick all they're doing is filling out a little bit of paperwork on your behalf having you sign it.