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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Va aid and attendance unreimbursed medical expenses

Instructions and Help about Va aid and attendance unreimbursed medical expenses

Are there income limitations for veterans there are income limitations but it's not a gross income limitation like we usually think it's not even a net income limitation after deducting taxes or insurance it is a net income limitation after deducting all allowable medical expenses now here's the key medical expenses are not only drugs doctors prescriptions and insurance in home care hiring people to come in to help clean cook take you to the doctor those are allowable expenses so this income limitation can be controlled by the client by simply having in-home care come in that reduces their incomes down to the level where they qualify for this benefit and that's really what the benefit is meant to do encourage veterans to hire somebody to come in take care of them so they can live at home longer that's great it's a fantastic minute that's great we owe them so much and family give them.


My noncustodial parent doesn't want to pay for my tuition (isn't reachable) but has already filled out a CSS Profile. I was told to contact the financial aid office. How should I appeal for more financial aid and explain my circumstances?
My understanding is that unless there is another extenuating circumstance, your noncustodial parent is expected to prtheir part of the expected family contribution. If refusal was an option many parents would simply refuse to pay. If they aren’t reachable then how do you know they don’t want to pay for your tuition? You must have been in contact when they filled out the Profile, so they have not been out of your life for an extended time. Generally in these cases you will have to find another way to pay the EFC, including your custodial parent’s current income, assets, or parent loans, or more student loans. Or you will need to go to a college that is more affordable. Your custodial parent can try to take your other parent to court to get an order for them to pay, or to enforce an existing custody agreement clause about college payment.I can imagine an extenuating circumstance that would have to be considered. For example, if your parent’s assets were frozen after filling out the Profile (they are under indictment), your parent has been hospitalized in a coma or severe mental health issue (though in that case you might be directed to work with whoever becomes their guardian), or if your parent has become a missing person (not just doesn’t answer the phone when you call) there could be some consideration from the financial aid office. You would need to be able to document the circumstance (police reports, court orders, medical affidavit and so on).You are not the first student to have this problem. Contact the financial aid office and ask for their help. Don’t “appeal for more financial aid” but rather ask their advice in dealing with the situation. They will ask questions to flesh out the details and then if you are lucky advise you on what next steps to take given your circumstances and your parent’s circumstances. Depending on the situation they might refer you to another office for support (for example Student Services or legal aid).
How can my mom and I get financial aid to help with medical expenses? We are currently too poor for me to get health insurance, and I haven't been to a doctor in over 3 years and I am worried about my health. I am currently 16.
there may be a couple of things you can do, i’m a health agent. i can write policies in a few states.but, general knowledge, try out medicaid first. if you do not qualify for that, you need to look at a child only policy. marketplace may have options ofr you if you have had a financial change in the household in the last 60 days. (new job, marriage, birth, or death in the family is usually where that comes in)if you do not, you can check out private policies. private policies do not generally have child only options and they are underwritten (medical questions to approve/decline you) so, it would depend on what is going on and your past history.other option i may suggest is a supplement. it depends on what you feel is going on with you and if they can help. i have supplements that i use and they come with accident coverage, hospitalization benefits, and a cool little telephone doctor feature that is free and unlimited to use once you are on the supplement. prices range from like 23 to 100 for the household and are not available in all states.feel free to give me a call if you have further questions. 903.804.8458
What is the procedure for South Africans when someone doesn't have medical aid and is suffering from mental illness? I tried SADAG and they always refer to expensive therapists, how do I get help?
The public health sector have some excellent facilities.The current policy requires that a South African (in fact anyone living in South Africa) visit his/her local primary health clinic (PHC) which offers mental health services (there must be at least one in each of the 52 health districts of the country). If the person cannot be helped there, because of the nature of her/his condition or the appropriate treatment is not available, the PHC staff will refer such a person to the local district hospital, which must by policy prmental health care. The district hospital may refer a person to a regional, tertiary, specialist psychiatric or central hospital as the need arises. Under the Mental Health Care Act (No 17 of 2022. a person may access the mental health care services as a voluntary, assisted or involuntary mental health care user (MHCU) depending on the diagnosis, his/her capacity to make an informed decision and her/his willingness to receive treatment.
How might the Affordable Care Act affect personal out-of-pocket expenses? How will the new laws affect the number of people who report not being able to pay high medical bills and/or file for medical-related bankruptcy ever year?
The response from insurers has been to raise deductibles and out of pocket expenses to unprecedented levels (I've seen this first hand - my old policy was cancelled and replaced with one that tripled the co-pays and deductible). Emergency room visits are already skyrocketing under the ACA (see this article from Huff post:http://huff.to/1kE2kIB). A disaster waiting to happen relates to individuals who never fulfill their obligation to get insurance until they get sick. That throws medical underwriting under a bus. Insurers will respond by raising everyone's rates exorbitantly, something they can get away with under the ACA (as long as they document their "loss-ratios."
Are there any rules for how to spend from apartment reserve fund? If there are parties which I won’t attend (not even in future), would it not make sense for me to opt out and not contribute to ops and capital expenses such as chairs for those?
Yes, if you can opt out!
As a high school student, how can I pitch my medical technology startup to investors and large corporations and get some spotlight? Should I cold-call people, put out a press release, or attend networking events?
A2A - With great difficulty!!!!!!Chances are you are NOT an adult. Thus you can not enter into a legally binding contract.You say “medical technology” - AND in high school. Thus you’ve NO advanced training in either. NO “credentials” that anyone will take seriously.You obviously, have no background in the area or you’d NOT be seeking advice on social media.All you have is an idea. I’ve got a dime come up with 11 more ideas.
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